Really fear, you again?!

Last week, I shared on Facebook, that I snorkeled for the first time. For many people, that’s not such a big deal. I really didn’t expect it to be such a big deal for me either, because I thought I’d overcome a big water fear seven years earlier, and was very surprised to have it show up again.

I thought I couldn’t

Ten years ago, a friend announced to a group of us that she wanted to walk the Portland Marathon. She wanted us to join her. I dismissed it immediately. “I’ll support you however I can,” I said, “but, I can’t do it with you.”

How I Give My Dreams Wings

A number of years ago I read a novel, I can’t remember the title or author’s name, just that the protagonist took up running. After reading it, a little question popped into my head, “I wonder if I could do that?”

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